UL508a Certification

What is UL 508a?

                        A UL 508a certification is an industrial control panel directive, which electrical inspectors look for. The UL Listing Mark on an industrial control panel provides evidence of third party certification to the municipal inspection authority and to the purchaser of the panel. It shows that the panel complies with an acceptable safety standard. The Listing Mark may be applied to a wide variety of designs -- ranging from custom built, one-of-a kind panels, to standardized designs with only minor variations. UL is the trusted source across the globe for product compliance. Benefiting a range of customers - from manufacturers and retailers to consumers and regulating bodies - UL has tested products for public safety for more than a century. Advanced MRF is a certified UL 508a panel shop. We bring existing control panels up to UL safety standards, as well as build panels from the ground up meeting the customer requirements, while following UL safety standards.

What is the official UL definition of a panel?

UL considers an industrial control panel:

                        "An assembly incorporating two or more pieces of industrial control equipment or related control circuit devices, provided with interconnecting wiring and terminals for connections in the field. To allow the installer to properly install the panel in accordance to National Electrical Code and other codes, electrical ratings and instructions are to be clearly explained on the panel."

                        Installation can be completed in two ways: in an enclosure as "enclosed type" equipment, or arranged onto a mounting panel as "open type" equipment. For "open type" equipment, the assembly is installed in an enclosure provided by others, or at the installation site.

UL Standards for Safety

                        UL has developed more than 800 Standards for Safety. Those Standards for Safety are essential to helping ensure public safety and confidence, reduce costs, improved quality and market products and services. Millions of products and their components are tested to UL's rigorous safety standards with the result that consumers live in a safer environment than they would have otherwise.

                        Other than having certified UL certified panels for the sake of complying with regulations, the main reason for getting certified is "protection of life". Why wait for accidents to happen to find out you are not certified? Why have that liability lingering in your workplace? Advanced MRF brings you up to standards, giving you peace of mind.

                        Advanced MRF will do an evaluation of your panels, and gives the customer an assessment of what needs to be done to bring the panels up to UL standards, and how much will it take. After the necessary improvements are done by Advanced MRF, we provide you with certification paperwork signed off by a UL field representative, UL markings such as stickers and plates, and the necessary electrical drawings.

The UL Mark

As a business, what does the UL Mark mean to me?

                        The UL Mark is one of the most recognized, accepted and trusted symbols in the world. It means that a not-for-profit, independent laboratory has tested samples of products to safety requirements and conducts periodic checks of manufacturers' facilities. It says something about the equipment you use; it's your one assurance that steps have been taken in the interest of safety.

Who is behind the Mark?

                        The UL Mark stands for Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that was formed in 1894 to help reduce injury, loss of life and property damage. To that end, UL scientifically investigates and tests thousands of types of products, materials, constructions and systems to evaluate electric, fire and casualty hazards; burglar resistance; or ability to detect, control or limit fires. Behind the UL Mark is a staff of more than 5,000 engineers, scientists, chemists, technicians, field representatives and support staff -- a team dedicated to working for a safer world.

Why is the UL Mark so important?

                        Third-party product safety certification is important. An independent, technically expert organization that doesn't have a financial interest in the product's ultimate profitability is needed to determine whether reasonably foreseeable risks associated with the product's use have been eliminated or minimized. UL's not-for-profit, independent status allows it to be unbiased in determining whether or not a product meets recognized safety standards. But safety is only one feature of having a certified UL 508a panel. Quality, efficiency, reduced costs and consumer confidence are some of the other benefits of having been certified by a UL 508a panel shop.

What happens after a product gets the UL Mark?

                        You will have the assurance and confidence that you are compliant with local government codes. Furthermore, once your panel earns the UL Mark, UL doesn't forget about it. UL field representatives located worldwide make periodic, unannounced visits to each customer's facility to help counter check that panels continue to meet UL requirements. A panel must continue to meet safety requirements in order to bear the UL Mark. Each time you add any electrical components, or any kind of add on to your panel, it must be UL compliant. If a field representative determines that a product no longer complies, the UL Mark is removed. This Follow-Up Services program helps protect the integrity of the UL Mark. In fact, this rigorous follow-up program is part of what makes UL so unique.

Panel examples:
  • PLC Panels
  • Marshalling Panels
  • Relay Panels
  • VFD Panels
  • RTU's
  • Process Control Panels
  • Junction / Termination Boxes
  • Compressor Panels
  • Pneumatic Panels
  • MCC Panels
  • Electrical Control Panels
  • Analyzer Panels
  • Control Rooms
  • Custom Shelters