National Institute of Standards and Technology

                        The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) develops standards to establish conformity and enhance the quality of products. NIST's mission is to provide certified standard reference materials (SRM). SRM's are used to confirm how accurate specific measurements are, to complete instrument calibrations, and to encourage the development of new methods of measurement. They are also used to maintain measurement traceability in the U.S. NIST only certifies products that have been tested against an SRM and meet the specific requirements for that product.

                        A certification from NIST can be an NIST Certificate of Calibration, which means that the product has been tested and approved to be on a certain level of accuracy. NIST Traceable Certificates means that the product being tested was not compared to the NIST SRM but rather tested against another product that has already been compared to an SRM.